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Yes, yes, yes. You CAN advertise on We’re new as a but we’ve been around since 2006 at We’ve constantly talked about cars as well as other forms of transport (from time to time) and the experience you get driving them. We are a little different in the sense that we are enthusiasts whose main aim is to tell it is without the fluff and the fanfare.

We get over 20,000 page views from about 4,000 unique visitors (and climbing) per month over at according to Google. This means that we do reach out to a bunch of people who like our honest and independent reviews about cars and transport in general. And now, we intend to do the same thing over here too!

We will accept ad campaigns from websites, companies and PR / advertising agencies with products ranging from automobile insurance, trucks, automobile financing and other automobile related stuff.

So if you’re interested in advertising here. Contact us by heading over to our contact page. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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