DBKL will be renaming some roads – A waste of meetings discussing a trivial subject and a bit on the JPJ

KUALA LUMPUR: NINE roads and streets here will be renamed after rulers who have served as Yang di-Pertuan Agong.
Jalan Duta will be renamed Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim; Jalan Khidmat Usaha will be renamed Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah; Jalan Ipoh — from the Jalan Segambut junction to the Jalan Pahang junction — will be renamed Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah; Persiaran Duta will be renamed Persiaran Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin; Jalan Khidmat Setia and Jalan Ibadah will be renamed Jalan Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin; Lebuhraya Mahameru will be renamed Lebuhraya Sultan Iskandar; Persiaran Mahameru will be renamed Persiaran Tuanku Jaafar; and, Jalan Semarak will be renamed Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra.
Mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib said the new names would take effect tomorrow.
He said City Hall had received the cabinet’s consent to rename the roads.
“This is to honour the rulers who have served as Yang di-Pertuan Agong.”
Phesal said Pos Malaysia would be informed of the changes to the road names to avoid confusion over addresses. New Straits Times 

These days I am not bothered to complain about the nation’s politics, politicians, government policies and the people that implement such systems (which are usually quite idiotic). This is the norm for me as I believe, complaining and ranting about local politics and government policies is a bloody waste of time. You see, if you side party A and you are against what party B is doing there would be some who end up becoming keyboard warriors defending or attacking such a person, cause or ideal. It is actually a bloody waste of your time folks.

You are like Liverpool or Manchester United supporter. You get all worked up, buy their football jerseys (these days it is no longer the ‘home’ jersey or the ‘away’ jersey to buy. You now have the third colour which the teams use when colours still clash. More money to milk the supporters) and then sing ‘glory glory bla bla bla…’. I suppose its good to watch tactics, skill and other interesting things that the players on the pitch are doing but it is you who end up buying tickets, jerseys, scarfs as well as food and drink when the actual people that benefits from all that sports are the people managing the clubs and its players.

 Tell me who actually drives that Bentley, Ferrari or Porsche? Who wears those spiffy designer suits and whose wives is it that buys all of those Hermes Birkin handbags? Not you right? You don’t even get enough exercise watching the blokes play football. You may end up drunk or full of cholestrol when they get exercise as well as be stinking rich. So it is the same with following and believing the rubbish politicians throw at you. Or what rubbish the local government is doing at this point of time. This brings me to the press article published in the New Straits Times earlier today.

DBKL has decide to rename some roads that are already famous in their own right. What the heck is wrong with Jalan Duta, Lebuhraya Mahameru, Persiaran Duta in the first place? These roads are already part of Kuala Lumpur’s heritage in terms of its history. These stretches of roads have been named as such since KL existed and now, because some smart Alec in DBKL wants to honour our previous Rulers these roads are to be changed.

I suppose it could be as simple as a gazette. And according to the DBKL, informing the Malaysian Postal Service (Pos Malaysia) on the changes so that Mail can be delivered. I hope they do not forget to inform the Department that does mapping and topography to make changes to the official maps, Waze and Google maps too as everyone uses it. Hotels are going to get confused. Tourists, business people, illegal immigrants too (as we seem to have millions of them around) and other folks that need to know why Jalan Duta is no longer called Jalan Duta. I have a problem with DBKL on this as why change something that does not need to be fixed and cause other teething problems that will happen because of it? There are going to be millions of Ringgit wasted indirectly from the loss of man hours and maybe petrol/diesel being burnt from changes in sign boards, lost and confused motorists, tourists and even migratory birds maybe.

And think of the process in any large organization – in order to reach such a consensus there would be an idea thrown about by someone as high up as the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur or his assistants. This would then be tabled at a executive committee meeting and it would actually take a minimum of five or six long drawn meetings with people from various departments. Say each meeting takes about ten such people, two hours each, a lot of karipap, kuih and a free flow of coffee or the tarik in order to make this happen. Coming up with such a decision usually takes time. And there are people coming out with memos in order to make this happen.

In fact, let’s just assume such a decision would take about five hundred total man hours from all the people involved in making such a decision. A waste of man hours in my opinion as the main question is this…..does renaming the roads improve the traffic system, garbage collection system, parking system, quit rent collection system, crime reduction, environmental systems and even the well being of urban dwellers of Kuala Lumpur? Does spending time, money and karipaps deliberating on the change of name make life easier for others especially the postal service, tourists, businessmen and other people? It certainly doesn’t. Are the roads that are to be renamed free of potholes and other traffic slowing obstructions? So why does DBKL waste time in doing the renaming of roads when they have so many better things to do for the well being of the people in KL?

Again, this problem relates to the quality of our Government officers in service today. Another example is the chap who runs the Road Transport Department (JPJ) . If I am not mistaken he is an MBA holder from a UK university and was trained to be a Diplomatic and Administrative Officer (PTD) by the government. Being a PTD means endless courses on grooming, public speaking and other stuff on anylitical thinking. But when in front of the microphone, ends up blurting something that sounds as if he is not a high ranking officer but God as by 2015 he wants only 5,000 Malaysians to die instead of 10,000.

And the JPJ at the same time goes after number plates which are not of standard size, tinting and xenon lights. I suppose this is because JPJ is also under the instruction from Treasury to become a cash collecting agency for them but this is losing foresight too.  But how can they do that when the JPJ itself flaunts the laws too? This is easy to prove in the age where social media spreads photos of JPJ officers breaking the laws themselves. So what the heck does JPJ need to do? What the JPJ should be doing is educate the citizens of Malaysia on proper road regulation first. This means more education, more public service announcements and random enforcement occasionally instead of just using JPJ as a cash cow.

Again it is the government officials who do not know the basics and think that they are smart. Get the basics right before you try new things. In fact, the wheel need not be reinvented. It just needs to be well oiled. And this is actually not the fault of the ministers themselves but the high ranking government officials who are not acting like they should. Get off your high horses and get the basics done correctly. Do not trouble the citizens with unnecessary changes. Note that this move by DBKL ensures some money to be involved. I mean can you imagine the amount of road signage that would need changing? Is this another money making exercise instead of actually honouring our Yang Di Pertuan Agong?

Now that this is off my chest I shall go back to writing about cars and enjoy doing what I like. You folks out there should do that too. I mean, if you are those that sit at the mamak or sit in front of the ‘puter and complain, complain, complain but don’t actually have a proper life then it’s all your fault. That football player or politician you like or don’t like have nice cars sitting out there in their front porch or garage. What about you? Do you have the economic clout to actually make a difference? Work hard and smart folks.So you can rise about all of this petty and stupid moves that the government is making. That matters.