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Truck News Malaysia – Volvo Trucks Malaysia – Fuelwatch Challenge 2016 is starting soon

Volvo Trucks’ annual Fuelwatch Challenge is about to begin!

The Fuelwatch Challenge 2016 is a competition organized by Volvo Trucks annually for its customers (truck owners/operators) especially for their truck drivers. The competition is a platform to explore the drivers skill and impart information/knowledge to help achieve maximum truck performance with minimum fuel usage (very economical driving techniques). The competition also aims to foster safety awareness among the drivers both during his course of work and otherwise. This will help companies reduce wastage and to reduce truck operating costs wherever we can and also increase road safety awareness among those who use the highways and roads so much more than most of us. Continue reading

Commercial Vehicle News: Volvo Buses Back in Malaysia and Launches New Bus Chassis Range

I attended the launch of Volvo Buses new chassis range for buses in Malaysia. It also marks the return of Volvo Buses (via the current Volvo Malaysia setup) to Malaysia after a number of years.

The B7R chassis comes in the normal flat top or high riding ladder frame chassis for normal long haul (express) buses as well as the B7RLE low entry chassis which allows for high passenger capacity and quick entry and exit for use in urban environments like those utilised by RAPID KL in Kuala Lumpur. It is powered by a 7 liter diesel engine that makes 290bhp and 1200Nm of torque. It also is quite clean even with our lower grade of diesel and its DPF filter cuts out 80% of the harmful particles emitted by the engine.

The B11R chassis is the heavyweight for buses. Meant for longer and more heavy duty trips, the B11R gets a 11 liter diesel engine that has a minimum of 330bhp and 1600 to 2150Nm torque depending on configuration. The best thing about Volvo Buses is that they are Euro 3 compliant at the very least and having them on Malaysian roads is a good thing.

The unique thing about the bus industry in most countries is that the manufacturer supplies a rolling chassis which are then brought to coachbuilders who actually make the bodies you see on the buses. Here in Malaysia, there are many. At least twenty of them competing for the business. The best thing about coachbuilding, like those used by luxury car manufacturers is that everything is customised according to the customer’s tastes and preferences. So if you want a bus with yellow aircraft style seats trimmed in velvet you could do so. The sky and the budget given is the limit.

So aside from the new Volvo B7R,and the B11R chassis on display for us to view. Volvo Malaysia had also displayed a seven year old refurbished RAPID KL Volvo bus. One that is part of one hundred units that the company will refurbish for the urban transport authority. Quite a good job I must say. The refurbished bus is the work of Volvo Malaysia as well as local coachbuilders Quality Bus & Coach (M) Sdn. Bhd. (QBC)

QBC are also engaged by Volvo Buses to build complete buses for Volvo to be sent over to Australia – an achievement for a Malaysian company in my opinion.

Volvo Buses Launches New Chassis Range

Volvo B7R and Volvo B11R set to drive Malaysia’s public transport and travel to new heights

L to R – Mr Steve Hedouin, General Manager, Region Singapore, Volvo Buses, Mr Muralli Muthusubramaniam, Country Manager, Volvo Buses Malaysia, His Excellency Mr Bengt Carlsson, Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, Mr Mats Nilsson,  Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia,  Mr David Mead, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Volvo Buses

SHAH ALAM, 19 November 2014 – Volvo Buses Malaysia today proudly unveils its new chassis range

to the Malaysian market – the new Volvo B7R and Volvo B11R. Launched in the presence of the

Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, Volvo customers, partners and members of the media, Volvo Buses’

new chassis range are poised to offer the best solutions for next-generation public transport and travel in


“The launch of the Volvo Buses Chassis Range today spells an additional significant advancement in the

operations of Volvo Malaysia. It also underscores our commitment and deep interest to play an even more

active participation in the country’s transportation industry,” said Mr Mats Nilsson, Managing Director,

Volvo Malaysia

Both the Volvo B7R and Volvo B11R are chassis models that were designed with versatility in mind and

made for efficient, safe, and profitable transport, both of which have enjoyed increased demand in other

David Mead, Vice President, APAC, Volvo Buses Corporation said, “This chassis range we are launching

today provides first-class driveability, outstanding fuel-efficiency and low on environmental impact. The

versatility of this chassis range allows our customers to customize according to their needs, as they are

easily tailored to suit school bus, long distance charter and touring coaches.

“Our customers choose Volvo for a reason – Volvo Buses is much more than a premium bus or coach. Volvo

customers can look forward to a complete solution, tailored to their reality. This solution includes the right

bus or coach, the right combination of leading support services, and our commitment and expertise

throughout the lifetime of the bus and beyond.

“Volvo Buses also has a City Mobility programme that addresses issues faced by the public transport

industry and we have worked directly with many major cities in solving their public transport challenges by

offering complete solutions,” said Mead.

Volvo vehicles are recognized for its renowned safety, high level uptime and efficiency in fuel consumption –

which are important features for a quality public transport system. An unmatchable safety feature in the

Volvo B7R and the Volvo B11R is its Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and its Electronically-controlled

Braking System (EBS).

As a standard feature in all Volvo buses, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) reduces the risk of the driver

losing control over his vehicle in critical situations; for example in sharp curves or on slippery surfaces. The

Electronically controlled Braking System (EBS) on the other hand, has anti-locking disc-brake system

offering high braking effect and instant alertness thanks to electronic signal transmission.

All Volvo Buses models are also equipped with integrated retarder with additional Volvo Engine Brake, 4 disc

brakes with higher and constant braking, and separate front and rear brake air circuits for maximum safety.

“Customers moving towards new technology naturally also want security; and we are proud to say that Volvo

Group has undeniably one of the toughest safety standards in the world. Safety is not only encompassed in

our products; it is also incorporated in our entire production, supply, aftersales and value chain. We therefore

offer various business packages whereby we undertake all maintenance processes for the entire bus,” said

Mr Muralli Muthusubramaniam, Country Manager, Volvo Buses Malaysia.

“We have a network coverage of 11 dealerships across Malaysia, with an aftermarket service quality that is

on par with our global service standards. We also provide 24/7 road assistance where technical support will

be dispatched to our customers in case of a breakdown.

“Volvo also very much focuses on training for bus technicians for specific technical support to offer

customers a complete ownership experience when purchasing Volvo Buses. Volvo’s aftersales service helps

our customers’ bottom line over the entire lifetime of the vehicle” added Muthusubramaniam.

The Volvo B7R runs smoothly in service, maintenance and on the road. The flat top of the framework

permits efficient body construction and guarantees a long, productive life. Rigid front suspension in

combination with a compact and service-friendly driveline installation create a spacious and efficient vehicle.

The Volvo B7R is primarily intended for long-distance and tourist duties, but is also suitable for use as a city

bus. The low-entry version, Volvo B7RLE, allows for high passenger capacity and quick entry and exit. Its

kneeling function and wide centre aisle make for efficient passenger flow, and the chassis layout permits

Rear view of the 7liter diesel

The B7R’s 7-litre diesel engine is one of the most efficient in its class and it complies with Euro 3 emission

standards. An output of 290 bhp and 1200 Nm of torque contribute to smooth handling in all situations. The

choice of automatic and manual gearboxes allows for combinations that will suit any need, and Volvo’s

single-reduction rear axle is available in a range of ratios. The benefits are the traditional Volvo hallmarks of

first-class driveability, outstanding fuel efficiency and low environmental impact.

The Volvo B11R’s highly fuel-efficient Euro 3 engine cuts operational costs, and Volvo’s quality standards

combine functionality with passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity. Rigid front suspension in

combination with a compact and service-friendly driveline installation extends the scope for creating a

spacious and efficient coach.

The B11R is available in a 2-axle chassis and possesses a stable and pleasant driving character with

passenger comfort. Its powerful engine is able to produce a power output of 370 to 430hp yet its high fuel

efficiency further adds low running costs and sustainability.

The B11R’s new 11-litre Euro 3 engine combines strength, reliability and economy in a right-sized but

equally powerful package. With 370 and 430 hp and massive torque from very low revs, the B11R is more

than capable in taking passengers to their destination swiftly and safely. The legendary Volvo I-Shift

transmission, which combines smooth and silent shifting with fuel efficiency, is also available in the B11R.

About Volvo Bus Corporation
Volvo Bus Corporation is one of the world’s leading bus manufacturers, with a strong focus on vehicles and systems for

long-term sustainable public transport. The product program includes complete transport solutions, city buses, intercity

buses and coaches, as well as services in financing, vehicle service, vehicle diagnostics and traffic information. Volvo

Bus Corporation is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction

equipment and drive systems for marine and industrial applications. The Group also provides complete solutions for

financing and services.

About Volvo Malaysia 
Volvo Malaysia, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers

of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines and services. The company is the

distributor of  commercial vehicles and construction equipment manufactured under the Volvo Group. Volvo

Malaysia offers a range of medium to heavy duty trucks under the Volvo and Renault umbrella as well as

construction equipment under Volvo Construction Equipment. The UD Trucks business is distributed via Tan

Chong Industrial Equipment (TCIE). Volvo Malaysia aims to provide total transport solution to customers in

 Malaysia. Volvo’s work is based on the core values quality, safety and environmental care.


L to R – Chairman of Sin Thow Joo Brick Works, Mr Tan Chin Kim  - Managing Director of Sin Thow Joo, Mr Denny CH Tan -  Scania Southeast Asia Sales Director for Truck and Engine, En Roslan Effendi.

Press Release


Chemor, Perak, 5 November, 2014 – Scania Malaysia today delivered the first two units

of Scania P410 CB 8×4 HHZ tipper truck with Scania Opticruise to construction industry

veteran Sin Thow Joo Brick Works Sdn Bhd, based in Chemor, Perak. These vehicles

also come with financing and insurance coverage from Scania Credit Malaysia.

Another five units are to be delivered to the brick manufacturer upon completion of the

long wheelbase ‘tipper’ which are currently under construction.

“Transporting our bricks have always been a challenge and we needed to ensure

minimum wastage in terms of breakages of our load to the buyers’ development sites. We

also needed to haul larger loads to the designated site on time in order to be competitive,”

stated the Managing Director of Sin Thow Joo, Mr Denny C.H.Tan.

“With the latest addition of our first Scania tipper trucks to our fleet, complete with

financing and insurance coverage from Scania, we believe the trucks will perform to

our requirements and give us the most in terms of reliability, uptime and fuel economy,”

added Denny Tan.

Established in 1972, the family run business began alongside the strong demand for

development of housing within Perak. The advent of cheaper wall blocks and bricks,

saw Sin Thow Joo facing stiff competition for the red bricks that it manufactures but their

commitment to quality and delivering within set deadlines, has enabled them to withstand

two recessions in Malaysia and it is now among the largest brick suppliers in the state of


To date, some of Sin Thow Joo’s customers range from developers of educational

establishments such as the Poi Lam and Sam Chai Primary School in Ipoh, right up to

several thousand units from housing projects all over Ipoh.

The most prominent structure that Sin Thow Joo can be proud of will be the Aman Jaya

Bus Terminal, at Meru. Others include supplies to development of shop-houses, factories,

the De Garden Shopping Complex in Ipoh Garden and the Ipoh Downtown Hotel, to name

a few.

Handing over the keys at this inaugural event to Mr. Tan was the Sales Director for Truck

& Engine, Scania Southeast Asia, Mr. Roslan Effendi.

The Scania tipper truck has excellent manoeuvrability and handling and they are fit

for hard work in the most challenging conditions. Apart from that, these trucks are

assembled following strict guidelines set by the government agencies such as SPAD and


“A Scania tipper truck will make a significant and positive effect on productivity, which

in turn will maximise profitability for our customers. The truck can now carry 29 tons of

load after customizing to our customer’s needs; 17 tons more than before. And yet our

specifications that include Scania propriety technology like Opticruise, will still help the

driver and owner to achieve better fuel economy,” says Mr. Roslan.

Trucking News: Volvo Trucks Announces the Fuelwatch Challenge 2014 Champion

Volvo Trucks have announced the winner of this year’s Fuelwatch Challenge. Clocking the lowest fuel consumption over the 40-kilometre drive challenge in the final stage, En Ahmad Bin Othman from Logistik Petikemas Sdn Bhd in Prai emerged as the victor of this year’s Fuelwatch Challenge. He achieved a strong result of 2.52 kilometres using only 1 litre of fuel driving a Volvo truck with a 40-footer container carrying 20 tonnes of load. As the national champion and the next Fuelwatch ambassador, En Ahmad Bin Othman is set to represent Malaysia at the Fuelwatch APAC and World Finals 2014, to be held in Volvo’s home country in Gothenburg, Sweden later this September. Go and make us proud.

One must be aware that unlike the ‘more interesting stuff’ like supercars, sports cars and even any type of cars, trucks (or lorries) and their very real and human drivers are the heartbeat of our nation, transporting what we need throughout the country day in and day out. This is why we here at continue to bring in trucking news, day in and day out.

Press Release

Volvo Trucks Announces the Fuelwatch Challenge 2014 Champion! 

The Challenge aims to build the overall value entity of Malaysian truck drivers; 

Winner to represent Malaysia at the Fuelwatch APAC and World Finals in Sweden

Subang Jaya, 9 June 2014 – Going beyond the durability and technology of the trucks, Volvo Malaysia began its search for Malaysia’s most fuel efficient driver two months ago through its annual nationwide fuel-saving competition, Fuelwatch Challenge 2014. Today, the search concludes with the crowning of Malaysia’s most fuel efficient truck driver at a Gala Dinner held at Holiday Inn to celebrate the occasion.

Recognising the contribution of truck drivers to the whole nation, the Fuelwatch Challenge 2014 kicked off
with six preliminary rounds across the country covering Shah Alam where it was launched, Johor Bahru, Prai, Kuantan, Kuching, and Bintulu.

Close to 800 truckers participated in the challenge where they underwent a series of written tests on driver’s
training to qualify for the semi-finals. Out of this total, only 20 participants were shortlisted for a real drive challenge in the semi-finals, where three of the most skilled drivers proceeded to compete in the finals.

In the finals, the champion was selected based on the lowest percentage of fuel consumption within the time limit set, taking into account all the applied safe driving techniques. Clocking the lowest fuel consumption in a 40-kilometre drive challenge in the final stage, En Ahmad Bin Othman from Logistik Petikemas Sdn Bhd in Prai emerged as the champion of this year’s Fuelwatch Challenge. He achieved a strong result of 2.52 kilometres using only 1 litre of fuel driving a Volvo truck with a 40-footer container carrying 20 tonnes of load. As the national champion and the next Fuelwatch ambassador, En Ahmad Bin Othman is set to represent Malaysia at the Fuelwatch APAC and World Finals 2014, to be held in Volvo’s home country in Gothenburg, Sweden later this September.

“Prior to Fuelwatch, driving a truck has just been a daily task for me. It was just a job to feed my family. Now I know that driving is about so much more after gaining these useful knowledge and experience. The
challenge has taught me a great deal about the efficient use of fuel and the impact of driving behaviours on both the business and the environment. Winning the Malaysian chapter has given me the inspiration to improve my skills and push my capabilities further. I really look forward to the challenge in Sweden as it’ll be a great experience and learning opportunity for me,” said En Ahmad Bin Othman.

Close behind the trails of Volvo’s new Fuelwatch champion are the second and third place winners from Shah Alam – En. Zaril Nizam Bin Zakaria from Linfox Transport (M) Sdn Bhd (second place) and En. Azrul
Haiza Bin Abdul Aziz from Vertex Mission Sdn Bhd (third place).

An annual event over the last five years, the Volvo Fuelwatch Challenge has helped put Malaysian truckers
on the global map, pitting local champions against the world’s best truckers. The Fuelwatch Challenge is about achieving maximum fuel efficiency through a comprehensive approach incorporating vehicle optimisation, maintenance, performance monitoring, safety measures and driver behaviour through a nationwide competition format.

The event was attended by Guest-of-Honor, En. A. Halim Husain, Head – Operations Group, Suruhanjaya
Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD), who expressed his wish to see more companies in the private sector
follow the footsteps of Volvo Trucks Malaysia and spearhead initiatives such as Fuelwatch to help shape a
stronger trucking community.

Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia, Mr Mats Nilsson said, “The Fuelwatch Challenge has proven to be one of our successful annual signature events. We have seen increased participation every single year. We had about 200 participants in the first year, which increased to more than 300 in the following year, 500 last year and 800 this year.”

“Beyond the popularity of the challenge, what we really strive to achieve is to inspire a positive change in truck drivers’ role by empowering them to adopt fuel efficient and safe driving behaviour. Trucker drivers are movers of the economy and we want them to take pride and responsibility in their job” added Mr Nilsson.

This year’s Fuelwatch Challenge was also paired with the Volvo Driver Development Programme (DDP) which is currently offered free to Volvo’s customers. Given the importance of the role of truck drivers to the economy, the DDP provides an additional and more in-depth training platform to impart useful, comprehensive and hands-on approach to building well-rounded Malaysian truck drivers and overall fleet management.

The Fuelwatch Challenge is endorsed by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) of the Malaysia Ministry of
Transport (MOT). All information, tips, and know-hows about Fuelwatch are available to the Malaysian truck drivers through the Globe Truckers Club. Free membership to the club is opened to ALL truck drivers in Malaysia with a valid truck license Class E and/or GDL (bersendi) license.

More information can be obtained from the official Volvo Trucks Malaysia facebook page at